SL Artists Rising

Second Life Artist Rising

                      OBR_ARTISTS (final)

Flyer Design by  Roscko Cobalt

Art Installations by

OBR Justice

Kicca Igaly

Solkide Auer


Finn Lanzius & Fantasi Rhode

Giovanna Cerise

OBR -Rise

Takni & Raskolnikow Roffo

Aloisio Congrejo

Betty Tureaud

OBR – Dance

Bowie Zeplin

Fuschia Nightfire

Mikati Slade

OBR – Release

3D Sculpture garden

Katz Jupiter

Krystali Rabeni

Tyrehl Byk

2D Gallery Installations by

OBR Rise

Littleone Aries


Walt Ireton

Melusina Parkin

Holala Alter

Toysoldier Thor

ByrneDarkly Cazalet

Em Larsson

3D Garden Installations by

 OBR Release

Nino Vichan

Carmsie Melodie

FreeWee Ling

Misprint Thursday

Taralyn Gravois

Pallina60 Loon


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